February 14, 2010


Throughout history, the art of putting together natural remedies or “simples” was practiced in almost every home.  This site is about locating the means to do the same thing in our modern time, connecting pure sources to great methods to help us take our homemaking into our own hands.

There’s a page dedicated to each of several realms:  first, essential oils, because they are indispensable for cleaning and first-aid; one for green cleaning, from products to principles; one for practicing frugality and good stewardship; and one for  cooking and the like.

Now Scheduling Oils Presentations for Summer 2011


Oils Classes in NY and the Southeast


Thank you for your patience throughout a busy spring!  All things have come to a slow lull as I prepare my family for our upcoming move.  Look for regular newsletters at the end of the summer, and please send an email if you are interested in hosting a class!


I’ll be heading south in the summer, and I’m looking  forward to scheduling the presentations & classes as you would like to host, so email me your available dates and I’ll try to get a schedule together so that even if you’re not hosting you can plan to attend the class nearest you.  Presentations are a good introduction to Young Living’s essential oils and product lines, and classes focus on oils and take the information a step further.  Classes and presentations can be tailored to your interests and toward the information you’d like to share with your friends.  Like Thieves?  We can do a presentation on just that.  Want to know more about using essential oils for first aid or massage?  Wishing for more time to browse through catalogues and ask questions?  Let’s design a class with your needs in mind.

EMAIL:  athelashome@gmail.com


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